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Hiring designers

UPDATE : 11th August 2008 : This position was written for in January 2006. I was the Creative Head at Comart. Now I am a one-person design studio with no intentions of hiring anyone and collaborating only with other freelancers / designers who are better than I am. So, in short, this position is no longer available.

I am looking to hire graphic designers.

[ I have accepted a position as the Head of the Creative Services business division at a well-known pre-press company in Mumbai - they are expanding and in the same regard, will be hiring designers to build the team. ]

This is a full-time job.

    I’m looking for the following:

  • Freshers [ maximum one-year experience ]
  • Whether you have design education or not is not of prime importance – if you can show me that you can design good stuff, I’ll consider you whether you actually trained to be an engineer or microbiologist.
  • It does not matter how socially presentable you are or whether you can speak good english – the people who will be hired will be good designers AND self-confident.
  • You should have worked in various softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Express, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw and should also have some experience with working on an Apple Macintosh. [ Extra software knowhow is welcome. While there is no immediate need for Flash and web development expertise, if you know it, it will come in handy soon enough. ]
  • You do not necessarily need a computer to draw – you can do as well or even better with a pencil, paper and your hands.
  • You can work with minimal supervision.
  • You follow your favorite blogs, news and websites with RSS feeds [ or at least know what I am talking about ].
  • You know how to follow-up with clients.
  • You don’t need to “meet” someone to communicate with them.
  • You are not afraid to ask questions.
  • You know how to smile.
  • You live in Mumbai.
  • If you have studied design, you have the ability to break the rules.
    Advantages of working at this company:

  • You will work on projects for some bad-ass companies [ we print for more than half the Indian advertising and publishing companies ].
  • You will “build” you portfolio [ since you are a fresher, you will know the value of that ].
  • The best tools [ software/hardware ] will be available to you to enable you to do your best work yet.
  • The CEO is a great guy.
  • Work will include packaging design, designing calendars, designing art books, designing corporate identity, designing brochures, book covers, CD covers – to start with – and the scope will expand manifold as the number of clients increase.
    Keep in mind:

  • I would prefer if you sent me links to where your resume/CV is uploaded/accessible on the web instead of PDF/Word attachments.
  • DO NOT attach your portfolio to the e-mail. Send me a link [ if you do not have stuff on the web – put it up right now – go to Coroflot and use their free option. and then send me a link. ]
  • Tell me what kind of money you are thinking of [ whenever I replied to ads in the past, I used to hate answering this question in particular - I did answer it though ].
  • DO NOT call me up on the phone. I will not consider your “application” if you call me up.

I want to know what work you’ve done – personal projects, projects for friends, projects at companies – don’t tell me who you did it for – tell me and show me what the goal was and how you exceeded it.

Oh! And like everyone else on the planet – I’m looking for someone “different”, someone “unique” and someone who stands apart from the crowd. [ There are 3-5 positions open. ]
Send me an e-mail.

Update: 01 Feb 2006

Please do not leave comments here for this position.

Free logo book

TheLogoFactory has announced their logo collections as a downloadable 22.8 MB e-Book on their blog.

Nothing is impossible. It’s just a little more expensive.

Now that’s a nice way of putting it.
From the header of

Four things

I followed this from Cameron Moll.

    Four jobs I’ve had:

  • Management consultant at Technology Networks
  • Creative Director at Cynapse
  • Identity designer, photographer, web designer, blogger at aside
  • Director, Indian Operations at Optimus Solutions
    Four movies I can watch over and over:

  • Before Sunrise
  • Before Sunset
  • Ice Age
  • Lamhe (Hindi)
    Four places I’ve lived:

  • New Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Nasirabad
  • Pune
    Four TV shows I love:

  • Oprah Winfrey Show [ Star World ]
  • Jeff Corwin Experience [ National Geographic ]
  • They were driven [ VH1 ]
  • The OC
    Four places I’ve vacationed:

  • The Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • Rohtang Pass
  • Rajasthan
  • Goa
    Four of my favorite dishes:

  • Butter Chicken
  • Kadhi Chawal [ Rice and chana dal & yoghurt gravy ]
  • Strawberry Ice Cream at Naturals, Bandra
  • Parle G biscuits mashed in cold milk
    Four sites I visit daily:

  • Google Reader
  • LinkedIn
  • WordPress Admin
  • openBC
    Four places I would rather be right now:

  • New Delhi
  • Fire and Ice, Mumbai
  • New York
  • RSI Swimming pool

This “chain” blog-post seems to be doing the rounds on some high-profile blogs – and it’s a good exercise too – I had fun!

I later realized that we had to be tagged to actually get into this meme – and I was NOT tagged by Cameron Moll – :)

Web design for same web service

The client requirement was for a website that could be identified with the following keywords:

  • minimalist
  • clean
  • spacious
  • intuitive
  • easy

The client already has the backend database and programming in order and needs design for website layout and aesthetics. It is an online classifieds service.

The following is the first line drawing for the website homepage [ clicking will open a larger version in a new window ]:

Please feel free to leave feeback in the comments or send me an e-mail.

Performancing for FireFox competition results

Sometime back, Performancing was having this competition to design buttons for their FireFox plugin [ it allows you to blog from within the borwser ]. The results are out.

These were my submissions:

And this was the winner [ not mine :( ]

Logo design for web service

I believe that the name of the service itself “iAmWanting” is strong enough to carry through the corporate identity. In such a scenario, only the simplest of logos will look good and right.

My first thought was – we are trying to sell the idea that “everything” and “anything” that you want will be available on as it is a classifieds service [ we launch for the city of Mumbai first ]. So what signifies “everything” – a circle because it also represents the universe. But a circle in itself is a very cliched form, which has been used for all kinds of logos.

After a keyword/keyphrase brainstorming session, the following words/phrases were collected:

  • ocean
  • universe
  • what do you want
  • desire
  • want
  • need
  • give it to me baby
  • everything
  • all
  • search
  • find
  • longing
  • positive
  • earth
  • fulfil
  • looking
  • personal
  • individual
  • umbrella
  • page flipping
  • mark it
  • all encompassing
  • hug
  • to feel wanted
  • compliments
  • 18 till I die
  • always young
  • no wrinkles
  • health
  • enjoyment
  • happiness
  • satisfaction
  • “–” personified
  • status
  • fame
  • enabler
  • goal
  • bull’s eye
  • hole in one
  • life
  • secrets
  • to-learn
  • play
  • have fun
  • specific needs
  • treasure hunt
  • only easier
  • clues
  • onion
  • we will give you whatever you are seeking
  • fishing for clues
  • fish hook
  • eternal youth
  • immortality
  • bring everything together
  • move forward
  • get ahead
  • get work done
  • shows the path ahead
  • paving the way
  • bricks
  • search nirvana
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • will help you find your needle in the haystack
  • forbidden fruit
  • local search
  • we’ve nailed it for you

These were keywords to get the drawing process started – some don’t quite fit as obviously as the others and the motive behind suggesting those words was then found out.

The following sketches were created based on some of the above keywords [ this is only set one - due to a serious creative block, set two has been delayed :) ]

Please keep in mind that these are rough sketches and jagged visual representations of ideas. They have been numbered, so if you have a favorite, please let me know so that it can be shortlisted for round two for refinement.

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Indian blogging scene

In the last couple of days, I have been overwhelmed with the quality and quantity of blogs being written and read in India. It also made me realize that I need to include my blogs in Indian Blogging related directories.

While I have been blogging since October 2004 [ I started with Blogger on the ideas @ aside blog ], I have only now started searching for Indian bloggers.

Some of the blogs I checked out today were simply “mind-blowing” in terms of quality of content – we do have some very passionate people! Yay!

I am in the process of adding my blogs to Indian Blog directories and also adding links to fellow-Indian bloggers blogs in my blogroll [ wow! now that's a blogalicious sentence :) ]

There is also a Mumbai Bloggers Meet taking place on the 31st of January at Cafe Coffee Day at Bandra [ Carter Road ]. You can find the details of the time and venue at Eventful as well as I am attending – leave me a note in the comments sections and I’ll add you to my contacts to meet list :)

Mark from Weblogtoolscollection was also mentioning a WordPress meet in Calcutta, India and while I am based in Mumbai and will not be able to make it, if you are in or around Calcutta AND you host a blog on WordPress – maybe you’d be interested in meeting with him!

BLIX on WordPress 2.0

One of the reasons I was initially reluctant to upgrade to WordPress 2.0 was because I was not sure how my blog theme BLIX would react. Since Sebastian [ the creator of BLIX ] shutdown support quite sometime back, I was not sure whether I would be able to set stuff right if it went wrong. I did search on the internet too with search terms like “BLIX WordPress 2.0″ but to simply no avail.

Finally just took the plunge and upgraded – nothing changed! I was simply amazed at the versatility of BLIX – no errors, no layout problems, nothing!