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New Logo for Photoshop Family

The Photoshop family has a logo – John Nack posted about it on his blog first – the detailed image.

This is where the same news is shared on the Adobe website.

Most people [ from the various comments that I've read and reviews ] don’t like the logo.
I like it.

Mid-day Article : Ganesha Painting

One of my paintings was featured in the Mumbai Mid-day today. I still haven’t read the print newspaper but the online version can be found here.

The original blog post can be found on the blog here.

The final painting:

I found the copy-writing of the article a little “filmy” but that’s how newspapers are I suppose. This is the first time I’ve been featured in a newspaper in India – so its cool! Yay!

aForestation on Phirebrush

The latest Issue of Phirebrush is out #53 and my wallpaper’s on it! Cool! Thanks Phirebrush!